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Cross-Cultural Training

Improve Relocation Success with IMPACT Group

Cross-Cultural Training is crucial to the relocation and retention success of your international assignees and their households. Culturally competent individuals are more adaptable, resilient, productive, and open to different perspectives; they communicate more effectively and create spaces of creativity and innovation. In order to effectively settle into diverse cultural hubs or a new country, assignees and their households need expert cross-cultural training throughout their relocation. Our program melds coaching with cross-cultural theory to transform learnings into more successful, globally aware behaviors.

Program Overview

IMPACT Group’s Proven, Blended Approach

Utilizing a blended learning approach, global assignees and their spouse/partner build skills through self-guided, online learning while working directly with a coach. Our coaches leverage their experiences as expats, as well as expert training and knowledge in cultural adaptation, to instill globally aware behaviors.

Tech for Ease of Learning, Coaching for Ease of Transforming

Leveraging the premier learning platform – Culture Coach Online – we prepare individuals to understand the impact of culture on business and personal relationships while improving their own cultural agility. Unique from other intercultural training programs, participants will maximize their learnings by working one-on-one with an IMPACT Group coach. All of our coaches have lived as expats and understand the challenges of settling into a new culture.

Together, the participant and coach will ensure the cultural learnings are appropriately applied to different situations at the office and in the community. Cross-cultural training sessions include:

  • Cultural agility & understanding culture
  • Cultural profile review / self-awareness & managing expectations
  • Preparing for the move & daily life in the new culture
  • Interpersonal communication & working in the new culture

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How It Works

  • Unlimited access to Cultural Coach Online
  • Cultural profile questionnaire
  • Four (4) one-on-one coaching sessions with certified coach and seasoned expat
  • Expert guidance on key cross-cultural training topics
  • Targeted coaching sessions at critical points prior to and during the initial relocation phase

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Reshape Cross-Cultural Competency Training to Improve Relocation Success

Coaching will guide the individual’s transformation, from someone who knows about cultural differences to someone who acts on their knowledge. Results include:

  • Better navigate business and community situations in the new culture.

  • Skillfully adapt behaviors to produce more successful interactions and improve cross-cultural communication.

  • More quickly settle into daily life within the new culture.

Participants consider their relocation a success
Participants would relocate again
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