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Global Career Continuation

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Global moves and the need for career continuation add a level of difficulty for dual-career families. Determining if a spouse is eligible for employment in the new location is the first concern. Gathering visa information and knowing which certifications or degrees carry over to a new country is especially challenging. Global Career Continuation support can fill the gap. By thinking through potential challenges and opportunities, you can help spouses and partners identify their next steps in a new country when jobs in their field are not available or employment is not an option.

Program Overview

Explore Alternative Options to Keep Global Careers Moving Forward

Careers are shaped by so much more than on-the-job experience – which is great news for spouses/partners who are unable to work and seeking career continuation. Our coaches will recommend alternative options for improving their skills, exploring new career paths, volunteering at target organizations and furthering their education while on assignment. By working on a one-on-one level, our coaches can deliver the right support to help spouses and partners continue their careers in any country.

How It Works

  • Confidential, comprehensive assessment to determine individual needs
  • Research on eligibility of employment based on visa or certification requirements
  • One-on-one coaching and research based on personal goals
  • Coaches with knowledge and networks to make local connections worldwide
  • Social media groups for networking with others in transition
  • In-person relocation networking events in select cities around the world

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Provide Personal Support

Through Global Career Continuation, spouses/partners with be paired with a dedicated coach to:

  • Ensure future career opportunities. Career continuation keeps spouses up-to-date on professional skills and knowledge during global relocation.

  • Establish a network and connect with local organizations. Spouses/partners will benefit from their coach’s expertise on building contacts and relationships, despite language and cultural differences.

  • Overcome cultural differences of the new country. A coach familiar with the country and local area will guide spouses/partners as they explore options in a foreign city.

Large companies report international assignments refusal or failure
Repatriate turnover rate after global assignments end
Reason relocations fail – spouse/partner’s career


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