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Integration Assistance

Simplify Employee Relocation

Relocations are full of unknowns. Our Employee and Family Integration Assistance program focuses on the nuances that will make moving to a new city or country smooth for families and singles alike. With a dedicated coach on their side before, during and after the move, employees and their families will receive one-on-one support to make everyone feel at home again – no matter where the relocation takes them.

Program Overview

Happy Family = Productive Employee

Everyone’s transition is different, and what is important or challenging for some may not be for others. This is where a dedicated relocation coach comes in! Together, the family and coach will develop a strategy and action plan that is unique to their situation and needs. As your employee’s to-do list grows, personalized coaching and resources will help them address all the important aspects of their relocation.

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As 30% of singles who relocate have dependents, it’s important to offer extra support for children. Our integration program also provides resources and insights focused on children. Together, we will work tirelessly to lead employees and families to a bright future in the new location.

Tailored Support for the Road Ahead – What Relocation Support Includes

How It Works

  • One-on-one coaching with an area expert
  • Transition plan to support the entire relocation process
  • Coaching on working through change
  • Guidance on establishing and accomplishing goals in the new area
  • Research on local resources and information to help families create new routines and hobbies
  • Innovative career and integration portal with resources on every aspect of the move
  • Progress reporting for you and your team

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Swifter Integration and Happier Families

With a greater focus on integrating employees and their families during relocation, Integration Assistance will:

  • Restore comfort. Integrate employees and families into new cities and countries faster.

  • Improve productivity. Reduce everyday stress to help employees be more effective at work. 80% of our participants report our services helped them save time.

  • Build connections. Support single employees and families with establishing a network of friends and connections through special interest groups and activities.

Participants consider their relocation a success
Participants would relocate again
Transferees move with children
Reason relocations fail – family issues/concerns


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