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Relocation Decision Assistance

Guide Employees to Make the Right Decision

Recruiting your first-choice candidates for a relocation and increasing your relocation acceptance rate is a challenge. Employees face the difficult task of making life-changing decisions that affect so many aspects of their and their families’ lives. As employees wonder how successful they’ll be in a new location, what will happen to their spouse/partners' career and how their families will react, Relocation Decision Assistance can help them make confident, informed decisions.

Program Overview

Ensure Relocation Success

Beginning with a confidential, comprehensive assessment, our Relocation Decision Assistance identifies potential obstacles for the employee and the individuals in their household. Our team then conducts personalized research to help them make an informed decision about the relocation offer, with a one-on-one coach available throughout the process. Everyone in the household will feel supported during the process. This confidential assistance will increase your acceptance rate and reduce the chances of a failed relocation

How It Works

  • Confidential, comprehensive assessment to determine individual needs
  • One-on-one coaching and personal research based on individual goals
  • Individual consultation, with group insights gathered from the assessments, to help you tailor the relocation program to your employees’ needs

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Improve Your Acceptance Rates

By informing and supporting first-choice candidates during the process, Relocation Decision Assistance will:

  • Increase acceptance. See your acceptance rates increase by 30%+ by addressing employees’ immediate concerns.

  • Improve ROI. Placing critical integration and career information into the hands of employees and their families will minimize the barriers to a successful relocation.

  • Build confidence. With in-depth knowledge about opportunities in a new city, your first-choice candidates can be more confident choosing to relocate.

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