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Employee Repatriation Assistance

Career Management Done Right

For a global assignment, you’ve invested significant time, energy and resources into highly skilled employees. This makes individual support crucial during repatriations to retain and maximize your key talent when they return home. Our Employee Repatriation Assistance will empower employees to take the next steps in their careers as they wrap up an assignment and prepare to return home.

Program Overview

Create a Strategy & Action Plan for Successful Repatriation

Most individuals returning from an international assignment have gained valuable global knowledge and insights that can be leveraged by the sponsoring organization. Our program helps individuals clearly align their global skills with organizational needs for career advancement and organizational benefit during their repatriation.

Together, a one-on-one coach will help the assignee identify, showcase, and leverage their global experience and effectively communicate accomplishments within your organization. Depending on the circumstances, the assignee and coach may also focus on key internal search skills, such as networking and interviewing. IMPACT Group provides ongoing coaching and proactive follow-up throughout the transition period, offering a unique advantage to the returning expatriate.

This program typically includes six coaching sessions held over a 3-6-month period, depending on the situation. The program is designed for each individual based on a personal needs assessment, and coaching may include a combination of topics, such as: 

  • Discovering strategies for managing change.
  • Developing an Internal Profile capturing global experience and accomplishments.
  • Coaching on leveraging the international experience while seeking a new role within your organization. 
  • Guidance on preparing a Transition Action Plan for seeking a new position outside of your organization. 
  • Completing a self-assessment tool to identify strengths and areas to enhance during the transition.

How It Works

  • Dedicated one-on-one coaching
  • Personal needs assessment to create customized program
  • Action plan and strategy development to capture employee accomplishments

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Talent Ready for Every Opportunity

As you expand your global presence, Employee Repatriation Assistance will:

  • Retain your investment in your employee. Develop a strategic plan to ensure your talent has a place in your organization for the long haul.

  • Connect employees and leadership. Help managers develop a clear understanding of the value an employee’s global relocation brings to the organization.

  • Empower employees. Help your talent work effectively before, during and after global relocation assignments.

  • Maximize global talent. Global assignments provide a wealth of knowledge and cultural experience, priming transferees to deliver long-term results for your organization.

Companies report losing talent after the assignment ends
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