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Spouse/Partner Repatriation Benefit

Create a Transition Plan for Everyone in the Home

Returning to a familiar location can be surprisingly challenging and more difficult than anticipated. Reverse cultural shock is frequently experienced during the repatriation process, causing added stress while families re-establish their life in a place that was once familiar. IMPACT Group’s Spouse/Partner Repatriation Benefit provides one-on-one transition and job search coaching to help families achieve a smooth and successful repatriation.

Program Overview

Dedicated Coaching Before, During, and After the Repatriation

Everyone in the family will be affected by the repatriation process. Even though they are returning to a familiar area, feeling adjusted and finding needed resources may take more time and effort than they expect.

Our experienced transition and career coaches have all lived as expats before. They will coach the spouse through the practical and emotional challenges of repatriation so the family can navigate them with less stress.

Key Coaching Topics Include:

  • Developing a repatriation transition plan
  • Coping with changes the family may experience
  • Establishing goals during the transition
  • Researching the family’s needs to create new routines & hobbies
  • Completing a career assessment
  • Creating a CV/resume & cover letters
  • Making professional networking contacts
  • Identifying potential employers
  • Enhancing interviewing & negotiation skills

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How It Works

  • Dedicated one-on-one coaching
  • Transition plan to support the entire repatriation process
  • Tailored job search strategy based on career goals
  • Innovative career and integration portal with resources on every aspect of the move
  • Membership to InterNations – the most powerful relationship building platform of its kind

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Faster Transitions for Everyone in the Family

Through partnering with an experienced transition and job search coach, our Spouse/Partner Repatriation Benefit will:

  • Reduce unemployment time. Minimize the time and wages lost due to repatriation.

  • Improve productivity. Help your employees settle into their new surroundings faster and be more productive at work.

  • Create stability. Restore dual-income status for your employees' families to allow them to return to normal faster.

  • Restore comfort. Support employees and families with making the city feel like home again.

Companies report losing talent after the assignment ends
Organizations lack a formal repatriation strategy


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