New Leader Coaching

Create a Plan for Onboarding New Managers

Whether a stellar leader is completely new to your organization or was recently promoted to a top leadership role, onboarding new managers is tough. “Sink or swim” is rarely a successful approach to onboarding these new leaders, and without a strategic transition plan, you’re at risk of losing them altogether. New Leader Coaching helps them seamlessly transition into their new role.

Program Overview

Seamless Transitions for Onboarding New Managers or Relocating Talent

Let’s face it: Overwhelmed isn’t a great starting place for a new leader – but they often are. They’re expected to immediately tackle ambitious KPIs and guide multiple team members. If they’re new to your organization, they have the added stress of learning your corporate culture and vocabulary and may even be dealing with the complications of relocation.

At IMPACT Group, we want to see your people thrive, and successfully onboarding new managers requires a strategic approach. Through one-on-one, dedicated new leader coaching that begins before their first day, transitioning employees and their coach will address five key areas during their first 100 days:

  1. Organizational culture and priorities
  2. Purpose of their new role
  3. Stakeholders and strategies to build productive relationships
  4. Manager expectations, priorities and style
  5. Goals for personal development

How It Works

  • Self-assessment with detailed feedback
  • Six, one-on-one coaching sessions over a four-month period
  • New manager involvement to ensure alignment
  • Application of a strategic framework and 100-day action plan
  • Suggested readings and resources to support the new leader
  • Option to include facilitated on-site sessions with the new leader’s team or stakeholders

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Kick-start Productivity when Onboarding New Managers

By approaching their new role in a strategic way, your new and relocating leaders will:

  • Develop confidence in their position. The faster they integrate into the department, the faster they will inspire and motivate their teams.

  • Lay the foundation for critical relationships. By making relationships a priority, new leaders will quickly gain the trust and confidence of those around them.

  • Thoroughly understand their role and responsibilities. Productive conversations with their coach and their new manager will ensure they know what success looks like in their first 100 days.

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