High IMPACT Coaching Case Study

Addressing Future
Business Needs Now

Veolia Group, a global leader in optimized resource management with over 179,000 employees worldwide, had a growing need to address business changes and a pending talent gap to ensure bench strength in their succession pipeline.

IMPACT Group leveraged the High IMPACT Coaching program to create a great cultural match for the company.


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The Challenge

Developing a Strong Succession Pipeline

A formal development program was needed due to:

+ Sudden growth experienced through an acquisition.

+ Launch of a new One Veolia vision for the organization’s three distinct divisions.

+ Looming leadership gap, as many leaders were eligible for retirement within five years – leaving an insufficient talent pool for critical roles.

“When we looked at the metrics, we realized we had 35-50% gaps in talent in some areas due to impending Baby Boomer
retirements,” shares Augie Shulke, CHRO at Veolia.

“We knew we had to do something about that.” In order to continue to grow business, Veolia needed to accelerate the development of their emerging leaders and drive retention of high-potentials through a centralized program.

“Veolia desired a true partnership with their leadership development provider. Together, we determined the current state of the organization and which program would meet their exact needs,” shares Marcia Mueller, VP of Leadership Development at IMPACT Group.

Program Quick Stats

+ 8th Year at Veolia
+ 150+ Program Participants
+ Select Employee Titles: Plant Manager, Field Manager, Sales Representative,
Safety Specialist, Finance Manager, Human Resource Specialist, Marketing Specialist

The Solution

Veolia’s Solution

Because of the highly technical nature of their workforce, Veolia’s development program needed to center around on-the-job learning. Their integrated development program leverages the research-based approach of learning through ‘real-time’
experiences. “One thing I really like about this program is it offers a capstone project. Participants use it to develop both their business acumen as well as leadership competencies,” states Augie. Participants apply these capstones to a real business situation. “Many of the projects help Veolia to increase value to the company. At the same time, it’s very rewarding for the individuals.”

Participants receive one-on-one coaching from a leadership development coach throughout the program. This provides focused time to strategize about their goals, gain insights on adopting new behaviors, and maximize growth during the program. Soheil Sadighi, a Regional Contracts Manager, completed the program in 2017. He found his
coach to be vital to his success.

“She kept me on track. I tended to veer off and only focus on the capstone and how it would benefit the company. She kept asking, ‘What about you? What are you learning about yourself?’” Soheil shares. “This program was great for professional development as well
as personal growth.”

The participants’ managers are also involved in coaching sessions during the program. Receiving support to better foster their employee’s development creates a coaching culture within the organization – delivering success well into the future. “Coaching has consistently ranked a 4.9 out of 5.0 over the past seven years. It is a highly valuable feature of the program,” Marcia shares.

Senior-level sponsorship is critical for the program’s success. As Marcia points out, “It sets the program apart and adds real value as executives see the future of their company, and employees gain exposure to senior-level staff they don’t interact with regularly.” The President of North America attends the program’s final presentations by participants, showing the top of the company truly cares about the program’s success.

Program elements include:

+ Action-learning capstone project

+ Assessments that foster self-awareness

+ Individual development plan and goal

+ One-on-one leadership development coaching

+ Targeted learning resources

+ Coaching circles and virtual discussions

+ Virtual mid-point check-in and onsite event presenting capstone project

+ Executive one-on-one meeting to expand visibility

+ Manager support and coaching to best empower participants during the program and throughout their careers

“Using a third-party vendor allows participants to feel more comfortable and more open to talk about personal matters and values they
want to address.”
– Augie Schulke, CHRO at Veolia

The Results

Key Organizational Successes

Not only did the employees hone in on specific leadership competencies – the development programs delivered measurable results for the organization.

Veolia views capstone projects as vital for the program because they solve real business problems, create best practices, generate revenue, drive safety, and foster innovation and creativity.

While short-term business impact wasn’t the central goal of the program, the action-learning capstone projects yielded immediate organization value.

Select real results include:

» $750,000 eliminated on initial software platform spend
» $70,000 customer experience savings
» 75% increased efficiency in month-end accrual