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Change the Face of Leadership

You can’t afford to lose her!

Increasing gender balance in leadership is more critical than you may realize.

It’s time to take ACTION to enhance gender balance.

Our webinar explores 5 practical ways you and your company can empower female talent and why this critical issue is a business imperative for all industries. Discover how to:

» Set visionary goals for improving gender balance.
» Share the data to start dialogues with colleagues.
» Celebrate early wins.
» Analyze current organizational practices.
» Gain executive sponsorship and manager involvement.


Want to learn more?

Our eBook on this critical topic of gender balance discusses the roadblocks that stand in women’s way. We also show what leading organizations are doing to build a diverse talent pipeline at all levels. Download the free eBook to determine the career accelerators you can apply today to transform the face of leadership tomorrow.

Research shows that improving gender balance and advancing more high-potential women is a strategic investment for your business – delivering higher ROI, ROS, and ROIC. Understanding your current state is your first step to increasing the amount of women in leadership.


What other companies are doing!

» Pinterest is expanding their university recruitment efforts to target interns with underrepresented backgrounds.
» Organizations in the oil & gas industry are hosting networking events for women and revamping employee recruitment efforts to drive up gender balance.
» Veolia North America is addressing their historic gender gap by delivering development programs for high-potential women. Read the Case Study.

As a second-generation, woman-owned business, we’re passionate about advancing women leaders.

IMPACT Group offers leadership development programs for employees at all levels in their careers. We leverage our expertise to transform the workplace, delivering Women in Leadership, Executive Coaching, and High IMPACT Coaching programs at organizations around the globe.

Our Women in Leadership™ coaching program applies our three-part career accelerator model to coach women to recognize and enhance their personal effectiveness, business acumen, and corporate visibility. One-on-one coaching and a tailored development plan empower women to reach their full potential and influence so you can achieve gender balance in your upper ranks.

Through cohort coaching circles, women are able to encourage and challenge one another as they share best practices, tips, and tools. The women’s managers and company senior leaders can also play a key role in investing in and developing current and future leaders. Learn more here!

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