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Data Proves Job Seekers Land 2.67 Times Quicker with Job Search Assistance


One-on-One Career Coaching Changes Everything

Job searches are no easy task. Whether the individual is relocating or was downsized, they may not know where to begin. One-on-one coaching can change that.

The Harvard Business Review recently released this daily stat: the odds of obtaining employment are 2.67 times higher for job seekers who use a job search program, as noted in “The Effectiveness of Job Search Interventions: A Meta-Analytic Review.”

Job searches are driven by multiple factors, including the person’s ability to network, prepare a résumé, and succeed in an interview. The article states that individuals learn proper job search strategies quicker when they work directly with a coach, consultant, or trainer.

Career coaching is the differentiator.

“We pair individuals with the right coach for them based on a number of things, including location, industry, and desired outcome,” says Ed Chaffin, President of IMPACT Group. “Our coaches are the best in the industry.” In fact, more than 30,000 coaching program hours have been delivered to customers in transition by IMPACT Group coaches this year. That has translated into customers landing positions in less than half the time versus the national average released by the Department of Labor.

Dan Coffey, Managing Consultant of Executive Services and Outplacement Practice Leader at IMPACT Group, comments, “The coaching tips make the job search process go faster. Combine that with technology tools that identify job leads and hiring managers, locate target companies, and research company information, and customers are positioned for success.” During a time that can leave job seekers unfocused, discouraged, or even hopeless, personalized support makes a significant difference.

Similar to outplacement, relocations can be a chaotic time for job seekers. “There are so many unknowns during a relocation,” says Lynn Wagner, Client Relationship Executive at IMPACT Group. “The job seeker is starting from scratch in the new area. It’s likely they do not have knowledge of the new market, they do not have a network, and they do not know which companies to target.” These uncertainties, coupled with the stress of physically moving their home and family, often leave individuals unsure of how to start their job search. “Career coaches are there to help them sort through all the information and determine the first steps in their search.”

Job search skills and motivation are the magic combination.

The most successful job search programs emphasize job search skills and encourage on-going motivation. “It is invaluable when an individual can apply the information they have learned and receive feedback on their style and approach from a dedicated coach,” says Lauren Herring, CEO of IMPACT Group. “That coach becomes a source of motivation and accountability through the job search process, helping the individual ride the ups and downs of searching for employment.”

In one case, Dan Coffey provided one-on-one coaching for a senior executive who earned a high salary, worked in a limited industry, and had never looked for a job before. He was disgruntled with his former company and skeptical about the job search program.

“We created a detailed outline that included a time table of steps. Together, we used this plan to find him a new position,” says Dan. Step-by-step, they prepared his résumé and his LinkedIn profile to go to market. “Due to his salary, his job search was estimated to take 20 months. He landed a new position in four months.”

This success isn’t just a win for the job seeker – it’s a win for the company, as well.

“Corporations are affected in several ways when they offer an outplacement job search program for their departed employee,” says Ed. “The employee will have a more positive experience after suffering from a loss and it can play a role in mitigating risks.” The disgruntled employee mentioned above? He was ready to sue his company when Dan first spoke with him. The outplacement support he received changed his mind. “Clients who commit to providing personalized support for their departing employees are not only supporting their colleagues, but also protecting their hard-earned brand,” Lauren comments.

IMPACT Group has helped 1,556 individuals land new opportunities in the past nine months. Visit our website to learn more about the Relocation Support and Outplacement Assistance programs that help move careers forward faster.

Contribution by Ashlee Ayers
Ashlee is an IMPACT Group Marketing Communications Specialist who develops blog content, marketing collateral, and high-quality client deliverables. Connect with Ashlee today on LinkedIn.


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